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Legacy of Ages is a Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen testing & raid guild. Our initial mission is to support Pantheon’s development by Alpha and Beta testing, with a focus on dungeons and raids. Then later at launch, transition into a capable raid guild, while understanding the need for a game/life balance.


We foster a culture where teamwork and community matter. ¬†Whether our goal be crafting a piece of armor, or defeating a raid encounter, we take on Pantheon’s most difficult challenges, together.

Game/Life Balance

We value a game/life balance. Once the game launches, we will strive to find a middle ground between hardcore and casual while still being a strong progression raid guild.

Eastern Time

Our core raid hours are between 8 PM and 11 PM Eastern Time Zone (US/Canada). No Bat phones! A more formal schedule will be created as we approach the game’s launch.

Recruitment is Open!

While membership is open to all players, we are currently seeking those with a Pre-Alpha (VIP) and Alpha (Champion) pledge.