Legacy of Ages

Core Values

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Legacy of Ages is founded on the core values of respect, community, teamwork, and balance.


Members must conduct themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner. We expect members to take actions that reflect positively on themselves and the guild. Legacy of Ages is dedicated to creating a fun-loving gaming environment that is only possible when members respect their fellow players and community.


In Pantheon, community matters.  We intend to set an example on the forums and our eventual game server for promoting a healthy community culture where where we play nice with our fellow residents of Terminus.  This does not mean we will be a doormat, but rather, we will engage in competition fairly and strive to create harmony among other guilds.


In order to take on the challenges of Terminus, we must come together as a team.  We promote an inclusive, team-driven environment where we work together to craft and conquer content in Pantheon.  Legacy of Ages values the diversity of the modern gaming community. We welcome mature, experienced adult gamers regardless of their nationality, religion, race, gender, sexual preference or political beliefs.


We acknowledge the need for a healthy work/family/game life balance.  Real life always comes first.  We strive to find the optimal middle ground between hardcore and casual gaming. This doesn’t mean that we don’t take raiding serious though! We respect our member’s time by organizing raids and guild events efficiently and effectively while challenging our members to perform to the best of their abilities.