Legacy of Ages

Guild Handbook

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The Legacy of Ages Charter
Updated: January 1, 2020

Legacy of Ages is a Pantheon: Rise of The Fallen guild founded on the values of respect, community, teamwork, and balance. We are a PVE focused raid guild for working adults, led by working adults. We operate primarily in the eastern time zone.

All of our members will conduct themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner. We expect members to only take actions that reflect positively on the guild in or out of game. Guild leadership is dedicated to creating a friendly, team-focused, fun-loving gaming environment where every member is important and part of our shared success.

Legacy of Ages values the diversity of the modern gaming community. We welcome mature, experienced adult gamers regardless of their nationality, religion, race, gender, sexual preference or political beliefs. Diversity is our strength.

We expect our members to have a healthy work/family/game life balance. As such, we are not a bleeding-edge or “bat-phone” guild. We strive to find the optimal middle ground between hardcore and casual gaming. We award loot based upon a fair DKP system that is not overly punishing to members who cannot play 24/7. We respect our member’s time by organizing raids and guild events efficiently and effectively while challenging our members to perform to the best of their abilities.

Legacy of Ages has a leadership hierarchy that must be respected, but we are not a dictatorship. We encourage and value input from the membership. Leaders and officers are fair and transparent in their decisions to the fullest extent possible.

Pre-Launch Focus

The guild’s most important responsibility prior to launch is to support the game’s development by engaging as active testers. Those members who have pledged for alpha and beta testing will actively participate in the testing process by exploring all available content and providing detailed feedback and bug reports. We particularly focus on testing group and raid content, in addition to any requests the game developers may make. We will build a relationship of trust with the development team as a guild they can count on to help them tune dungeons and raid encounters. In addition to testing, pre-launch offers an opportunity to build lasting relationships with guild members and the larger Pantheon community.

We encourage our members to be strong advocates for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen across all web and social media platforms and to show support for the staff at Visionary Realms.

Guild Rules, Policies, and Procedures
Updated: May 14, 2020

***A more detailed set of rules that includes handling in-game actions (such as loot, DKP, guild bank, etc) will be defined as we better understand the nature of Pantheon’s raids.

All members must strictly abide by both the letter and intent of the Visionary Realms NDA. Guild officers will report any apparent NDA violation to VR and expel you permanently from the guild. Guild members are expected to have read and fully understand the NDA. If you have questions, consult VR for clarification.

All members will conduct themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner in all communication: in-game, forums, Discord or social media. You represent the guild in all you say and do. We take our reputation quite seriously.

Although we are competitive with other guilds, no member shall engage in harassing another guild or player. This includes griefing other players through kill-stealing, camp-stealing, training or harassment (in or out of game).

No member shall say or post anything in-game, forum or Discord which may be considered hate or discriminatory speech in opposition to the established diversity values stated in the guild charter. We want all members to feel welcome and comfortable among friends. No member shall post or express sexually-explicit or overtly vulgar content. While we are a guild of adults, be mindful of what you post in guild chat or discord. We all swear from time to time but don’t make it your normal mode of conversation.

Members are asked to leave all discussion of real-life politics or religion at the door. Regardless of how respectful you may be, this is a gaming guild. People come to have fun and escape real life, not watch the debate team or listen to your soapbox opinions.

Members must follow Visionary Realms policy regarding boxing or 3rd party tools for running macros, traffic analyzers or any other mechanism used for cheating or gaining an unfair in-game advantage. Members must not take advantage of in-game exploits other than for purposes of documenting and reporting said exploits to the VR development team.

Discord is one of the communication methods used by the guild to socialize and coordinate events. The guild will utilize Discord for all voice communication, including for raids, guild events, and interviewing new applicants. While it is not necessary to talk at raids and events, you must have the means to listen in.

The recruitment onboarding process is in place but will be somewhat short-circuited prior to Beta. Once Beta opens, we will begin the more formal process where recruits are voted on by the current members. Prior to Beta, applicants will be asked to submit an application for information only. 

Forum Access
Basic forum access is provided to our members and recruits. Access to restricted areas of our forums will only be provided once your alpha or beta privileges have been verified in-game by an officer.