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Pantheon Community vs COVID-19

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Pantheon really does have the most amazing player community.

In just a few short hours since we launched our COVID-19 folding team, many guild members have been joined by people from the general Pantheon community.   No other guilds have taken us up on our challenge, but people are opting to join in with Legacy of Ages as we assist researchers in their efforts to combat the current pandemic.

We are donating GPU and CPU power to help scientists model the complex proteins involved with common diseases like COVID-19, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Huntingdon’s or Parkinson’s disease.  There are two projects we are supporting:  Folding@Home focuses on pure research to help scientists understand why and how proteins fold.  Rosetta@Home looks at the protein endpoints and is focused more on finding a cure. I don’t think you can successfully argue that either is better or more important than the other.

Folding@Home has been getting a lot more press recently through promotion by companies such as NVidia and they seem to be struggling with the number of new volunteers who are eager to get to work.   For this reason, we are now recommending that current folding team members and all new members consider running the BOINC client to support Rosetta@Home and the push for a cure/immunization.  You could even consider running both clients and participating in both teams.

If you would like to participate in finding a cure for COVID-19 through Rosetta:

  1. Download the BOINC client
  2. Install it using the defaults
  3. Choose “Rosetta@Home” as the project
  4. Fillin the name you’re commonly known as in the Pantheon community and set your team to “Legacy of Ages”

If you would like to participate in pure research through Folding:

  1. Download the Folding@Home client
  2. Install it using the defaults and select the “Identity” option so you’re not anonymous
  3. Fill in the name you’re commonly known as within the Pantheon community and enter Team ID #238419
  4. Select “Any disease” from the dropdown option.   COVID-19 is getting top priority in the job queue.

That’s it.   Let it run.   You can control how much CPU/GPU you want to devote to the project and whether to always run or just work on jobs when you’re not using your computer for other tasks.

Thanks for your interest and we hope you join our efforts to stomp COVID-19.

Here are the latest live stats for the teams.

New Rosetta Team

Original Folding Team

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